University Reservations & Support Services

Cartwright Center Building & Office Hours

Building Hours-Academic Year:    Monday-Friday 7am-12am
  Saturdays 9am-12am
  Sundays 11am-12am

The building may close earlier if there are fewer than 20 people. Special Hours during break periods will be posted at the entrances.


Offices Hours-
Hours-Weekend Location Phone
Bookstore and Textbook Rental Click Here Click Here Lower Level 785-8853
CAB Variable - Lower Level 785-8873
Food Pantry 8am-4pm - 221 785-6600
Graphics Variable - 49, Lower Level 785-6488
Greek Office Variable - 228, Mezzanine 785-8868
ID/Card Office 8am-4:30pm - 223 785-8891
Information Counter 7:30am-11:30pm Saturday 9am-12am,
Sunday 11am-12am
1st Floor Lobby 785-8877
Leadership & Involvement 8am-4:30pm - 221 785-6600
Pride Center Variable - 42, Lower Level 785-8887
Racquet Variable - 231 785-8378
Reservations 8am-4:30pm - 223 785-8895
Student Association Variable - 235, Mezzanine 785-8775
Ticket Sales (Excludes
Athletics, Theatre, & Music Dept. Events)
8am-8pm For weekend events only Information
University Centers Administrative
8am-4:30pm - 212 785-8888
University Dining - Administrative
8am-4:30pm - 68, Lower Level 785-8608
University Dining - Catering Office 8am-4:30pm - 224 785-6485
University Dining - Meal Plan Office 8am-4:30pm - 223 785-8891
Veterans Lounge Variable - 264 N/A


Dining Facilities Hours-
Cellar 7am-11pm 11am-11-pm Lower level of
Einsteins/Red Mango M-Th 7am-10pm
Fri      7am-5pm
- Cyber Cafe
Erbert's & Gerbert's 10:30am-10pm - Galley, 1st Floor
Galley Food Court 10:30am-8pm - 1st Floor

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Facilities & Scheduling

Contacts: Michael Slevin
Telephone: (608) 785- 8895 or (608) 785-8892
Hours of Service: Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Location: 223 Cartwright Center

We schedule selected rooms in academic buildings on campus. Please contact University Reservations & Support Services at 608-785-8892 in 223 Cartwright Center.

Facility Reservations

University Reservations can help you determine which facilities are appropriate for your event. We will work with you to arrange all set-up and audio/visual needs. Specific policies and facility charge information is available through University Reservations & Support Services.

All UW-L students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to arrange room reservations as soon as possible in University Reservations & Support Services Office (CC223). Reservations are made according to order received.

UW-L organizations may reserve regular meeting rooms for up to two academic years in advance. During high volume usage, reservations may be limited.

Non-university entities can schedule facility usage during spring break, May term, J-term, and summer session. Non-university entities may schedule facilities after May 1 for the following academic year. Non-university entities will be charged a rental fee and will be asked to provide written documentation that there are no comparable facilities available in the community.

Please see the General Scheduling Policies for more specific information.

Mission Statement

Facility Scheduling and Reservations

The Scheduling Office reserves campus rooms for non-class activities. Our facilities and services are available to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus community, non-profit and profit organizations (with student organization having first priority within Cartwright and Whitney Centers.)

Our Mission

The University Scheduling office, provided through University Centers, strives to serve the student, university, and community organizations for all your conference and event planning needs.

The services provided are aimed predominantly for student and university organizations and functions outlined in the University Centers' General Scheduling Policies. However, no individual may be denied admission to, participation in, or the benefit of, or be discriminated in any service, program, course, or facility of the University System or its institutions or centers because of the individual's race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, or marital/parental status.


Requests for on-campus fundraising can be submitted in room 212 Cartwright Center.


Reservation Support Services

Conference and Event Planning

University Reservations & Support Services will help you plan your events, whether they are simple weekly meetings or national conferences.  University Resevations has worked with a myriad of university and community groups to plan events in Cartwright Center and across campus.  We encourage to you contact us ASAP to discuss your conference or event needs. Some things to consider before contacting us:

  1. What date/time would we like our event?
  2. What kind of event are we planning?
  3. Who is the target audience of our event?
  4. How many people will be attending?
  5. How much space will we need?
  6. Will we be having any food service?
  7. Will we need any audio/visual equipment?
  8. Do we have a presenter/performer that has a rider (performer) requirement?
  9. Do we need parking, handicapped, special needs accessibility, or any other special or unusual requests?

Scheduled facilities may have a charge depending on what organization you are from and what kind of event you are having. Contact University Reservations & Support Services at (608) 785-8892 or visit us in 223 Cartwright Center for more information.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Cartwright Center has a wide variety of audio/visual equipment to handle most requests.   Scheduled equipment may have a charge depending on what organization you are from, what kind of event you are having, and what equipment you need. The majority of audio/visual needs in Cartwright Center and for Outdoor Events are handled through the University Reservations & Support Services office. Contact them at 608-785-8892 or in 223 Cartwright Center for more information.

Audio/visual equipment in the academic classroom buildings (EX: Wimberly Hall) is also available. Support for this equipment can be arranged through Brant Mayer in Technology Support Services at 608-785-8047 or in 138 Wing Communication Center.

If your request needs are beyond what the University Scheduling office can provide, you may be referred to University Reservations & Support Services office. The ESS staff works in conjunction with University Reservations & Support Services to provide advanced technical support and staffing for events, including concerts, conferences, speakers, outdoor events, events in The Cellar or other activities. University Reservations & Support Services will help you to set up a consultation appointment with Heather Holm, Reservations & Support Services Coordinator to determine your needs.

ESS may charge for equipment and labor costs depending on the type of event, sponsoring organization, or type of equipment needed. Please contact Michael Slevin at (608) 785-8871 or 223D Cartwright Center for more details.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has an exclusive food service and catering contract with Sodexo. If you want food service with your banquet, social, or any other event, University Scheduling can work with you and Sodexo to order appropriate food and facilities for set-up. You may also contact Sodexo at (608) 785-6485 for additional catering and price information. All billing for food service is done by Sodexo and is separate from University Scheduling and Event Support Services (ESS) billing.

University groups also have the option of doing Self-Catering in Cartwright Center. A University group can bring in less than $100 of food for their meetings. These items must be snack-type foods and cannot serve as a meal. Pizza may only be brought on campus for personal use; pizza may NOT be brought in from outside vendors for consumption by the group. Organizations utilizing this program must register their dining service arrangements by completing a Request to Self-Cater form with the University Scheduling Office at the time the room reservation is made. A copy of their food receipt must be filed with the Scheduling Office when the event is completed. If the purchases exceed $100, this privilege can be denied in the future.

Event Parking

The University Scheduling Office is not responsible for parking permits or other arrangements for events anywhere on campus. Parking information can be obtained by contacting University Parking Office at (608) 785-8061.