Scheduling Outdoor Activities & Events Policy

  • The outdoor areas on campus are scheduled for use by the University departments and organizations. 
  • Outdoor physical education classroom space and athletic fields are scheduled through the Dean's Office in Mitchell Hall. 
  • Student groups are encouraged to register their planned outdoor activity with the University Centers Office in Cartwright Center.


  • All persons using campus outdoor facilities should be cognizant of law relating to conduct on university lands, as outlined in the Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter UWS 18. Pertinent excerpts follow:
  • UWS 18.06 (16) Selling, Peddling, and Soliciting. (a) No person may sell, peddle or solicit for the sale of good, services or contributions on any university land except . . . 3. Hawking newspapers and similar printed matter outside university buildings . . . (is permitted).
  • UWS 18.06 (23) Picketing, Rallies, Parades, Demonstrations, and Other Assemblies. (a) In order to preserve the order which is necessary for the enjoyment of freedom by members of the university community, and in order to prevent activities which physically obstruct access to university lands or buildings and prevent the university from carrying on its instructional, research, public service, or administrative functions, any picketing, rally, parade, demonstration, other assembly, or congregation of spectators to such activity may be declared unlawful if its participants:
    • Intentionally gather of intentionally remain assembled outside any university building is such numbers, in such proximity to each other or in such fashion as to physically hinder entrance to, exit from, or normal use of the building . . . 
    • No group may obstruct or seriously impair passage through corridors, stairways, doorways, building entrances, fire exits, and reception areas leading to the offices . . . 
    • Intentionally create a volume or noise that unreasonably interferes with university-sponsored or university-authorized activities . . .
  • UWS 18.06 (24) Prohibition on Blocking Entrances. No person may intentionally physically block or restrict entrance to or exit from any university building or portion thereof with intent to deny to others their right of ingress to, egress from, or use of the building.
  • UWS 18.06 (25) Sound-Amplifying Equipment. (a) In order to permit the use of sound-amplifying equipment on university lands, if needed for the dissemination of ideas to large audiences, but to prevent its use from interfering with university functions which inherently require quiet, the following provisions shall apply: 
    • No person may use sound-amplifying equipment on any lands without permission of the chief administrative officer, except as provided in paragraph © of this section. 
    • In granting or denying permission, the following principles shall govern: a. Except in extraordinary circumstances, permission may be granted to use the equipment only during the following hours, 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day, and only when the equipment is more than 50 feet from and directed from any classroom building, residence hall, library or building being used as a study hall. b. An applicant for permission shall have the burden of establishing the need for amplification to communicate with the anticipated audience. In particular, the applicant must show that the audience can reasonably be anticipated to include at least 250 people. c. An applicant for permission shall have the burden of establishing that the volume and direction of the sound from the equipment will minimize interference with other activities.
    • Any requests for the permission required by this section must be submitted in writing to the chief administrative officer at least 24 hours prior to the intended use of the sound amplifying equipment, and must be signed by a student or employee of the institution where the equipment is to be used. The request shall contain: a. The proposed hours, date and location where the equipment is to be used. b. The size of the anticipated and the reasons why the equipment is needed. c. A description of the proposed equipment which includes the manufacturer, model number, and wattage. d. The names of the owners of the equipment and of any person or persons, in addition to the persons signing the application, who will be responsible for seeing that the equipment is operated in compliance with the terms of the permit and the provisions of this rule. The chief administrative office believes this is necessary to ensure compliance.
      • (b) Permits issued by the chief administrative officer shall not be required for the use of university sound-amplifying equipment used with the permission of the university employee having control of the equipment for authorized university classes, research, or meetings in university buildings, or for sponsored academic, recreational or athletic activities, or for crowd control by authorized university officials.
      • (c) For the purpose of this section, "sound-amplifying equipment" means any device for machine which is capable of amplifying sound and capable of delivering an electrical input of one or more watts to the loudspeaker