Move-in Schedule for Fall 2012
Please note that in the interest of staff availability and minimization of traffic congestion, students are required to move in on the date indicated below. Any exceptions to this must be approved through the Residence Life office by contacting (608) 785-8075.
Thursday, August 30th

  • 9-2 PM: Eagle Edge participants move-in (Student Staff assists with move-in)

  • Reuter Hall move-in
Friday, August 31st

  • Reuter Hall move-in

  • Angell and Hutchison Hall freshmen move-in

  • All of Eagle Hall move-in
Saturday, September 1st

  • Coate, Drake, Laux, Sanford, Wentz and White Hall freshmen move-in
Sunday, September 2nd

  • Angell, Drake, Hutchison, Sanford and Wentz Hall returners move-in unless they are a Hall Council or move-in crew member.*
*-Friday and Saturday are planned around freshmen orientation events. This is why returners are encouraged to return Sunday. If this is not possible, you may move in the day the freshman are moving in for your particular hall.

Note that Reuter Hall students can move in Thursday, Friday or Sunday but not on Saturday the 1st

Some other things to note:

Friday and Saturday are the two main move-in days for freshmen.

Returners are encouraged to help with move-in or return on Sunday, September 2nd.

Reuter and Eagle Halls are an exception to the previous two items. Reuter Hall can move in any day but Saturday. Eagle Hall has a common move in day of Friday for all residents.

Move-in Maps for Fall 2012
Listed below are links to move-in instructions for each Hall. Please contact the Office of Residence Life if you have any questions or concerns regarding these move-in procedures.

Eagle Gray
Eagle Maroon