Q & A with Second Lieutenant Njoya Chomilo

Why did you join ROTC?

I joined ROTC for several reasons; I wanted to fly helicopters, wanted money for school, wanted a job that allows me to travel both within the US and outside of it, a unique skill-set (flying helicopters), an experience that few Americans are privileged to experience, to work in an environment where you are judged based on your performance and your character and not by race, creed, or religion,  and finally I wanted to give back to this country which has given my family so much.

How did ROTC benefit your life?

ROTC has helped me become more focused in my life. It helped me set goals, then gave me the tools to accomplish those goals. Before joining ROTC I was a weak public speaker, now I have no problem speaking in front of a group of people. During my time in ROTC I also met a lot of great people whom I would have never become friends with outside of ROTC.