Professional Core Courses

The following courses are taken in the Junior year by students accepted into the major.  Students must maintain a grade of "C" or better to stay in good standing in the major.  Radiation Therapy is recognized as a program with "Writing in the Major" which meets University writing requirements.  No additional "writing emphasis" courses need to be taken if student is admitted to the program.

UW-L Course # UW-L Course Title Credits
BIO 306 Genetics 4
BIO 432 Biology of Cancer 2
BIO 433 Radiobiology 3
RT 330 Professional Issues in Radiation Therapy 3
RT 320 U.S. Health Systems 3
RT 310 Pathophysiology 3
RT 325 Radiation Therapy Readings, Writings & Research 2
RT 350 Patient Care Issue for Radiation Therapists 3
RT 390 Medical Imaging for Radiation Therapists 2
RT 391 Applied Medical Imaging for Radiation Therapists 1
PHY 386 Radiation Physics 3
HP 250 Medical Terminology for Health Professions (online) 1


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