Interested in Joining Sigma Alpha Epsilon?

Interested in membership? Please contact Bill Anderson at or

Pledge Process:
Interest does not guarantee membership. Those interested in membership must meet membership requirements and finish the pledge process. The pledge process is a hazing-free set of meetings designed to get interested men acquainted with Sigma Alpha Epsilon, both nationally and at the chapter level. This is to insure the ideals of each member matches those of a True Gentlemen. Each chapter has the right to regulate its membership. To begin the pledge process of WIL-C an interested man must first receive a bid from the chapter. As La Crosse has no formal rush week, bids can be extended at any time. If you're interested in being extended a bid, please express your interest to email or an individual member.

Roughly the timeline for membership is: interest, bid, pledge process, and then initiation. This may take a few weeks but is designed to be free of hazing and fit into busy schedules.

For more requirements of membership click here.