Clinical Student Teaching Experience

School Health Teacher Candidates will have the opportunity to work in schools and the community with a range of age groups in their first and second clinical experiences. These clinicals are aligned with the methodology coursework. First, SHE 310, “Introduction to Curriculum Processes and Instructional Techniques; followed by SHE 410, “Application of Curriculum Processes and Instructional Techniques”, completed during this last semester on campus class. They will work in teams to prepare and present lessons in health education content selected by the cooperating teachers in their assigned teaching sites. These experiences are assessed with the “Standards in Practice” (SIPs) document used by the university supervisor and school-based cooperating teacher to assess the development of teacher competence during the clinical experience. ( Experience I - FA2012.pdf) Successful assessment of the teacher candidate’s competence in each of the 10 Teacher Standards and the Electronic Pre Student Teaching Portfolio are required for entry into the second experiential teaching opportunity, student teaching.

All teacher candidates will student teach in two sites during their semester long student teaching assignment. School Health Teacher Candidates will spend half of the 16 week semester in a middle school health education placement, the other in a high school placement. This semester is based upon the hosting school’s academic calendar, not the University’s. In addition to the time spent in the schools, teacher candidates will be supported by their university supervisor during a regularly scheduled seminar that meets throughout the semester. Supervisors will also visit the student teacher in each of the placements to observe their progress, giving feedback and filing SIPs assessment developed by the student teacher, the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor. The University Supervisor serves as the liaison between the school site, cooperating teacher and the student teacher and the university Office of Fieldwork and Clinical Experience. Students complete their field experiences in the schools radiating up to 50 miles from La Crosse. Emergency circumstances can qualify a student for “out-of-area” placement. Internship availability may also offer out-of-area experience.