Outdoor Ropes Course - Rates and Registration

Eight Hour Program: This eight hour program includes activities on the initiative and low ropes course as well as the high ropes course.

Four Hour Program - Initiative & Low Ropes: This four hour workshop can include initiatives and low ropes course elements as well as the high ropes course.

  Number of Participants One Hour Rate Per Person Two Hour Rate Per Person Four Hour Rate Per Person Eight Hour Rate Per Person
5-14 $10/per $15/per $20/per $30/per
15-25 $8/per $12/per $17/per $27/per
25 or more $7.50/per $10/per $15/per $25/per

Registration: To make reservations on UW-L ESS/Adventure Program, please call 608-785-6515 or send an email to adventure@uwlax.edu.

Please Note:

  • Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.
  • Full payment is due upon arrival to the course.
  • Number of participants must be declared one week before the group comes to the course.
  • Signed waivers are due for each participant on the day the group comes to the course.