The Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) has been a leading educational and research facility for the College Science and Health for over 35 years. The 3,200 square foot facility is well-equipped with the latest technology for exercise science and cardiovascular study. Equipment in the laboratory is valued at over $1,000,000. Some of the major equipment includes:

  • Computerized underwater weighing and residual lung volume system
  • Two motorized treadmill testing stations
  • Two computerized 12-lead exercise electrocardiograph systems (Quinton & G.E.)
  • Three computerized metabolic carts (Quinton Q-Plex, 2 AEI)
  • Portable oxygen analyzer
  • Other testing devices (bicycle ergometers, NordicTrack, SRM)
  • Pulmonary testing equipment
  • Johnson & Johnson DT-60 cholesterol analyzer
  • YSI 1500 sport lactate analyzer

Client groups routinely tested in the HPL include participants in the La Crosse Exercise and Health Program, school children, high school, college, and other amateur athletes, as well as interested residents from La Crosse and the surrounding communities. Special data collections have also been conducted for groups as diverse as the Green Bay Packers, the U.S. Nordic Ski Team (Olympic cross country and biathlon skiers), U.S. Olympic speed skating team, and elite wheelchair marathoners.

The HPL is considered to be one of the finest facilities of its kind in North America. The state-of-the-art equipment makes it possible to study a wide variety of research topics for master theses and faculty research. In addition, the excellent laboratory facilities provide the opportunity for the "hands-on" experience needed to move on to internships and professional career positions in the fields of exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, sports medicine, fitness management, and/or related fields.