Application for Admission to the Program

Requirements for Entrance

Below are the minimum admission criteria. Limited openings are available so achieving the minimum requirements will not guarantee admission - especially when competition is high. For more information, please see your academic advisor or the ESS-Exercise Science Program Director.

  1. Have a declared major of ESS-Exercise Science with the track of your choice (Fitness or Pre-professional). Students can change their major with a Change of Program form (available in the Dean's Offices in Graff Main Hall).
  2. Complete at least 30 credit hours (may include general education and/or transfer credits).
    • Transfer students: At least one course must have been completed at UW-L for you to apply. Please be aware that once admitted to the program, most students (including transfer students) require at least three semesters of course work followed by a one-semester internship (Fitness-Track only) to graduate.
  3. Earn a “C” or higher in the following two pre-admission core courses:
    • BIO 103 or BIO 105 or MIC 100
    • HPR 105
  4. Have a minimum UW-L overall GPA of 2.75. You may wish to use a GPA calculator to estimate future values.
  5. Pass the fitness exam.
    • Schedule your exam with Chris Dodge (, 785-8685) in the Human Performance Laboratory, 225 Mitchell Hall.
    • It is recommended that you take your fitness test at least three months before the program application deadline. This will give you a chance to retake the test, if necessary, before the program application is due.
    • The fitness exam includes: body composition (underwater weighing), VO2 max (treadmill running), push-ups, sit-ups, and flexibility (sit and reach).
    • The fee for the fitness exam is $20.00. Please make checks payable to the “UW-L Human Performance Laboratory.”

Application to the Program

Students interested in applying for admission must (1) submit the required application and materials and (2) interview with the selection committee (Fitness Track only). The interview will take place shortly after the application deadline. A sign-up sheet for the interview will be posted outside of the ESS-Exercise Science Program Director's office (129 Mitchell Hall) about one week before the application deadline.

Written application materials must be submitted to the ESS-Exercise Science Program Director on or before the application deadline. Items other than the application form should be sent electronically as email attachments. This will require scanning or photographing some documents (e.g., items with handwriting, signatures, etc.). It is recommended that you retain a copy of each document for your personal records. It is also recommended that application documents be sent in early (one to two weeks) so that errors or technical problems can be addressed before the deadline.

  1. Application Form (Submitted online through this link).
    • Overall UW-L GPA is listed on your unofficial transcripts which can be downloaded as a PDF file from WINGS
  2. Resume (instructions & sample)
  3. Two completed Job Shadow Forms with summaries
    • In addition to the forms, please provide a written summary of both shadow experiences (each limited to one page, double spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins). These summaries should include the following information:
      • Activities that you (and/or the person you shadowed) engaged in.
      • Your overall impression of the experience. What things did you like or dislike and why?
      • Based on your observations, how interested are you in pursuing this type of position after graduation?
  4. A current copy of your unofficial transcripts (may be obtained as a PDF file from WINGS)
  5. A copy of your fitness test results

Application Deadlines: October 1st and February 1st. Late or incomplete applications will NOT be considered.