Placement Rate

The most recent data show that over 95% of our graduates who are not immediately pursing additional education or training find employment within six months of graduation.

Common Jobs

The following positions and salaries come from the UW-L Career Services Resource Guide on Career Opportunities in Fitness. These are some of the more common jobs and salaries obtained by ESS-Fitness majors but many others exist.

  Position Estimated Yearly Salary*
  Exercise Physiologist $ 31,243
  Fitness Specialist  
  Health Promotion Manager $ 32,129
  Corporate Wellness Manager $ 30,376
  Lifestyle Coach  
  Strength and Conditioning Coach  
  Health Club Manager  
  College Coach & PE Instructor  
  Sports Conditioning Specialist $ 29,231
  Cardiac Rehab Exercise Leader  
  Director of Sports Camps  
  Spa Director $ 31,652
  Personal Trainer  
  Exercise Testing Consultant  
  New Product Developer  
  Healthy Living Specialist  
  Eating Disorder Rehab Specialist $ 32,586
  Fitness Supervisor  
  Event Coordinator  
  Clinical Exercise Specialist  
  Physical Activity Director $ 34,974

Some fitness graduates pursue advanced degrees in specialty areas including:

  Position Estimated Yearly Salary*
  Physical Therapist $ 55,100
  Occupational Therapist $ 48,600
  Chiropractor $ 65,000
  Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist $ 41,297
  Human Performance Enhancement $ 37,983
  Physician Assistant  
  Nurse $ 53,911
  University Professor and Coach  

*Source: UW-L Career Services Survey of Employment Status and National Association of College and Employers (NACE) Survey of Recent Graduates, 2008. Salaries listed are averages and will vary based on location and other factors.

Career Links for ESS-Fitness Majors

  UW-L Career Services Office www.uwlax.edu/careerservices
  American College of Sports Medicine www.acsm.org
  National Strength & Conditioning Association www.nsca-lift.org
  American Council on Exercise (ACE) www.acefitness.org
  IDEA Health and Fitness Association www.ideafit.com
  Aerobics and Fitness Association of America www.afaa.com
  International Fitness Professionals Association www.ifpa-fitness.com
  Exercise Careers www.exercisecareers.com
  Club Industry www.national.clubindustryshow.com