Welcome to the Graduate Human Performance Program

The Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science-Human Performance is an interdisciplinary program of study for those interested in learning and applying scientific principles to training of physically active individuals and athletes at all levels (e.g. recreational, high school, college, professional). Areas of study include physiology, biomechanics, and motor learning. Students in Human Performance can choose an emphasis in strength and conditioning or applied sport science. Students interested in studying the responses and adaptations to the training of athletes, pursuing a career as a sport coach or strength and conditioning coach, or working in a fitness/athletic enhancement center are encouraged to apply to this graduate program.

Graduate Preparation Goals:

  • Serve as head or assistant strength and conditioning coach for high school, DI, DII or DIII university sports or professional and semi-professional sports
  • Prepare sport coaches to apply sport science to their training programs
  • Serve as fitness professional in health club, fitness facility or corporate fitness facility
  • Pursue a doctoral degree and a career as an exercise scientist (teaching and research at the university level)

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