PURPOSE: The internship experience is a very important aspect of the Human Performance program. It provides students with an extensive, supervised, first-hand exposure to working with people in an applied setting. The internship experience is a culminating experience – an opportunity to apply knowledge and skill obtained through course work and other experiences.

REQUIREMENTS: The minimum time requirement for a 3 credit hour internship is 200 hours (400 for a 6 credit hour internship). For a 6 credit hour internship, it is recommended that a student participate 35 hours per week for 12 weeks, however, the actual time requirements may be negotiated with the internship site. To be eligible for ESS 789, students must have completed all Category B course requirements (5 courses), earned an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher in all graduate work, and received approval from the Human Performance Program Director.

FORMS: Download the required forms. Each may be filled-out by hand or on your computer.


  1. Obtain approval to take the course from the Human Performance Program Director.
  2. Select an internship site.
  3. Register for ESS 789 (section 001 for 3 credits, sections 001 and 002 for 6 credits).
  4. If your internship site requests one, complete and turn-in a BOARD OF REGENTS AGREEMENT.
  5. Complete and turn-in an INTERNSHIP POSITION DESCRIPTION, and CONTRACT, prior to starting your internship.
  6. Turn-in all 4 completed WORK PROGRESS REPORT forms (one form for each quarter of your internship).
  7. Have your supervisor mail-in two completed EMPLOYER’S EVALUATION forms (one at the middle and one at the end of your internship).
  8. Turn-in a completed INTERN REPORT. Your report will help other UW-L students to assess the site you have done your internship at. In addition to the steps below, you may wish to attach other relevant materials (e.g., business cards, pamphlets, photographs, etc.). Please use the following guidelines to complete your intern report:
    • Your cover page should contain your name, the starting and ending dates of your internship, and site information (including site name, supervisor’s name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and web page addresses).
    • Answer the following questions in the body of your report:
      • What specific duties and responsibilities did you have as an intern?
      • What qualifications does the site require of their interns?
      • Was your experience relevant and challenging?
      • How did you use your existing skills?
      • What new skills did you acquire?
      • What was your housing situation?
      • Were you paid? If so, how much?
      • Did you receive fringe benefits (such as paid certification fees, free admission to events, clothing, meals, housing, etc.)?
      • Did your internship experience lead you to an employment opportunity?
      • Would you recommend this site to other UW-L interns?
      • What other comments would you like to make regarding you experience?
  9. All materials must be received on or before the LAST DAY OF CLASSES.