Application Information


Application materials may be picked up at the Adapted Physical Education office (114 Wittich Hall) or the Department of Exercise & Sport Science (137 Mitchell Hall).  Application forms may also be accessed via the following links:

Adapted Physical Education Minor - Application Form  
General Directions:

  1. Download.

  2. Thoroughly complete application (type or write legibly).

  3. Submit application to the Adapted Physical Education office at 114 Wittich Hall by the deadline.

Adapted Physical Education Minor - Recommendation Form
General Directions: 

  1. Download.

  2. Complete top section of recommendation form.

  3. Present form to person capable of judging your teaching ability.  Request that they return the form to the Adapted Physical Education office.

Application Deadlines 

Summer Deadline - July 18th, 2008
Fall 2008 entrance - March 26th, 2008
Spring 2009 entrance - October 29, 2008

Application Tips

  • Type or write legibly, and check your application for completeness.

  • Choose a person to recommend you that you have worked closely with and that knows your teaching ability.

  • Give the person who is completing the recommendation form enough time so that all application materials are in the Adapted Physical Education office by the deadline.