Graduate Summer Certification Overview

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Many currently employed physical education teachers working with special education students in adapted physical education (APE), continually desire more professional development to enhance their teaching effectiveness.  Since most school districts are not near adapted physical education teacher preparation programs, such as the one at UW-L, most teachers can only attend these programs in the summer. 

Our summer certification program is designed for currently employed physical education teachers.  The purpose of this program is to enable teachers to acquire the knowledge and skills to become competent APE specialists and qualify them to receive state APE certification (WI #860) and Minnesota (License #8700.5502), as well as many other states (via reciprocity agreement).  This professional development can be achieved through summer only attendance.  Completion of the program takes 2-3 summers depending on course load and course availability.

This program also integrates course work and clinical experiences to develop necessary APE teaching competencies.  Course work provides knowledge about:  1) legal requirements for special education; 2) elements involved in the special education process; 3) appropriate assessment procedures, policies, and tests; 4) an understanding of various disabilities and what limitations might affect a person's movement potential; 5) instructional strategies for appropriate adaptations; 6) methods that enhance instruction for students with disabilities in a general physical education program; 7) behavior management techniques; and, 8) motor development principles.  Along with course work, clinical experiences are provided during each summer of attendance.

Graduate Certification Coursework and Course Descriptions