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Welcome to the Adapted Physical Education Parent Resource webpage. We hope you can use the information provided to improve your child’s physical education experiences to develop healthy and active lifestyles.

Information is provided to assist parents of children with disabilities to learn more about quality and appropriate physical education. Our goal is to help answer the most common questions asked by parents regarding their child’s physical education services under special education law and to provide resources for their children. In addition, there are numerous links for equipment, organizations, and other useful information as parents pursue physical education for their children. The special education process can be intimidating and many parents are unaware of the physical education services that should be included on their child’s IEP. This website aims to inform parents of their rights to adapted or specially designed physical education for their children.

In the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, answers are provided for some of the most commonly asked questions about physical education in the special education process. Resources can be found at the various links to advocacy groups, disability sport organizations, and education resources. The “Contact the Expert” directory includes a comprehensive list of higher education and local school district teachers in each state who are willing to answer specific questions you may have about physical education for students with disabilities. We also encourage you to use the “Send Us a Question” feature. Please share this webpage with other parents, teachers, and school personnel.

Disclaimer: Material on this webpage is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information regarding the content covered. It is presented with an understanding that the providers are not giving legal counsel. Law is always changing. If legal advice is required, the services of a qualified professional attorney should be sought.


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