MPH-CHE Curriculum

Classroom 1 Classroom 2

  Required Course (35 credits) Credit Hours
HED 701 Contemporary Issues in Health Education 3 credits
HED 703 Health Education Foundations 3 credits
HED 706 Research Tools and Processes 6 credits
P-H 707 Environmental Health 3 credits
P-H 717 Emerging Public Health Issues 3 credits
P-H 720 Prog. Assessment, Planning & Eval. in Health Promo. 3 credits
P-H 755 Epidemiology and Public Health Issues 3 credits
CHE 780 Community Health Education Preceptorship 8 credits
P-H 790 Public Health Administration and Organization 3 credits

In addition to the above required courses, students must select option A (thesis) or option B (Graduate Project).

OPTION A -THESIS : 44 Total Credits

  • HED 799, 4 credits
  • Electives, 5 credits


  • HED 798, 3 credits
  • Electives, 7 credits

A maximum of nine credits may be taken outside the Department of Health Education and Health Promotion. A minimum of one-half of the required semester hours must be taken at the 700 level. Graduate credits will not be awarded for any course in which undergraduate credit was received.

Course Offerings

Courses numbered 500 through 599 are called "slash courses" and are open to qualifying undergraduates students and graduate students. Those courses numbered 700 and above are open to graduate students only. Students in all the masters programs must have at least one half of their total required semester hours as courses numbered 700 or higher.

Check the UW-L General Catalog for class descriptions and listing of pre-requisite courses.