Kies   Bethany Kies, BS
"I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education Program at UW-L.  After graduation, I explored my options in the health, social work and education fields;  I spent a year working in an Atlanta, GA public school with Americorps, and upon return to the mid-west, I enrolled in a 2-yr nursing program. With completion of the LPN year, I determined that nursing wasn’t the best fit for me.  After meeting with Dr. Gilmore to discuss graduate school options,  I entered the Master of Public Health program in the summer of 2009. I look forward to completion of my MPH degree in the Spring of 2011 and subsequent participation in a doctoral program beginning fall of 2011.  The program at UWL has provided me with a lot of flexibility and opportunities to work closely with my professors to build skills and pursue individual interest areas- a great fit!"
Brittany   Brittany McIlquham, BS
"I completed my Bachelor of Science at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in Kinesiology, Human Performance and Health Promotion.  I spent 2 years in the field working in corporate wellness programming.  I felt after this experience I wanted to contribute more to the field and decided to pursue my Masters of Public Health at UW-L.  La Crosse is a beautiful city that emanates wellness. It is a small town feel with large goals. I feel so privileged to join UW-L in their centennial year to celebrate this incredible institution.  If you are looking for personal connection with your professors and colleagues, UW-La Crosse is for you!"
Alyson   Alyson Nienhaus, BA
"I have a Bachelor of Arts in Athletic Training and work in Sport Medicine Physical Therapy currently.  I’m also a graduate assistant here at UW-L. The MPH program here is a very well rounded program with several opportunities in and out of the classroom.  I really feel at home at UW-L with the size of the campus.  I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about the faculty and university as a whole and that is what drew me to UW-L."
    Jing Sun, MD
"I graduated from Guangdong Medical College and got my M.D. in China.  The reason I applied to UW-La Crosse for my further education in public health is that I realized the importance of health promotion and education from epidemiology research experience during my undergraduate career.  AT that time, I was in rural area in China collecting data for my research.  I found people there lacked basic medical and health knowledge.  At the same time, I found there were a lot of loopholes in the Chinese public health system.  AS I have been at UW-L for over a year, I found the whole education system here at UW-L  is fresh and impressive.  There is a great environment in the MPH-CHE program.  I’ve had a lot of chances to communicate with the faculty and other candidates in program.  It has been an incredible experience for me to get involved in the public health profession." 
Gracjan   Gracjan Szulc, BA
"I completed my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago with a concentration in Urban History; planning and development.  When deciding what graduate school to pursue, I was looking at three main things: accreditation, size of student body, and attitude of the faculty.  The support of the faculty to its students is that brought me to UW-L.  Post graduation, I hope to work for an international organization which focuses heavily on global health and foreign affairs.  I also plan to pursue my PhD."