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When may I apply to the School Health Education program in Teacher Education?
September 15th - for students seeking admission for the following J-term or spring semester
January 15th - for students seeking admission for the following summer session or fall semester

In the event that the 1st falls on a weekend, the cut-off date will automatically move to the next business day.

Students must make a separate application to the School Health Education and Physical Education programs and may do so in the same semester


What's the process for applying to the program?
1. Request and review a copy of your SNAP--available via TALON
2. Complete and download the application form
3. Submit completed form and copy of SNAP to Guy Herling, College of Science and Allied Health Assistant to the Dean, 124 Mitchell Hall
4. Action letters regarding admission decisions are typically mailed 15-20 calendar days following the application cut-off date for a given semester
5. Applicants with grades or PPST scores pending will receive an action letter indicating their pending status
6. Under no circumstances will a student with pending application criteria be admitted to the program
What's the application criteria for the program?
1. 2.5 minimum combined cumulative GPA
2. Passing scores on the Pre Professional Skills Test/PRAXIS I
3. Satisfactory completion of HED 205 Introduction to Health and Wellness Education
3. Satisfactory completion of 30 or more General Education credits to include the following:
  • ENG 110 with a grade of B or better(grade of C or better in a ENG 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, or 309 if a grade less than B is earned in ENG 110)
  • CST 110 with a grade of B or better(CST 210 or 260 if a grade less than B is earned in CST 110)
  • C-S 101 or General Education Math course(need both to graduate but only one to apply)
  • EFN 205
  • BIO 103/105
  • CHM 100/103 or a course approved for substitution(Please make sure any course substitutions are approved through the Office of the Dean)
  • HPR 105 

Application criteria is subject to change and meeting minimum criteria does not guarantee admission                                  

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