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University of  Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Application History
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    I am currently admitted to the Teacher Education Program
    I currently have an application pending to another Teacher Education program
    I have previously been denied to the Teacher Program
Application Criteria
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Cumulative GPA(including transfer courses)

I understand that my cumulative GPA is under the 2.5 required for admission and that my GPA will be reviewed at the end of the current semester
Pro Professional Skills Test/PRAXIS I
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Courses Required for Admission Grade I have now or will have completed at least 30 Gen Ed credits by the end of the current semester
ENG 110 with a grade of B or better CHM 100/103 or course approved for substitution
300 Level English course--if needed HPR 105
CST 110 with a grade of B or better EFN 205
2nd Communication course--if needed C-S 101 or Gen Ed Math course
BIO 103/105 HED 205

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