Important Dates and Deadlines

Academic Calendar

Look to the academic calendar for information regarding important academic events throughout the year.

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Graduation Information

Be sure to stay current on the dates and deadlines regarding your path to graduation.  Refer to the Graduation News information for the most up to date information.

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Drop / Add and Change of Schedule Information

The period of time between a student's initial registration for any term, through the first five (5) days of instruction in any semester (three days during summer session), is considered to be the "Drop/Add --- Change-of-Schedule" period. During this time a student may drop classes without affecting his/her permanent academic record. He/She may also add classes or change sections, if the desired section is open. Neither the advisor's signature nor the instructor's signature is required for schedule changes during this period. The signatures of the instructor and the department chair will only be required if a student attempts to enter a class that is closed.

Between the 5th and 10th days of instruction, to add a course, the student must obtain the instructor's signature. After the 10th day of instruction, classes cannot be added except in unusual cases and then only with the consent (signature) of the instructor, the department chair and the Dean. In this instance the university’s "drop and add" form, available in the Office of Records & Registration, 117 Graff Main Hall, will be used.

A student may withdraw from a full-semester class only until one week following the midterm date of the semester. All withdrawals from classes after the "drop/add --- change-of-schedule" period will be recorded with a "W" on the student's permanent academic record along with the official date of withdrawal. Half-term courses (either semester or summer session) or short-term courses will have withdrawal time limits established on a basis prorated to withdrawal dates for full-term courses. The student must obtain his/her instructor's or advisor's signature during this time period. No student is permitted to withdraw from a class later than one week following the midterm date for that term. Only a grade of "F" or "I" may be recorded for any student who enters this time period and fails to complete a course.

Complete information regarding the withdrawal process from courses and specific drop dates for each semester can be found in the Class Timetable under Important Information/Dates and Deadlines.

Withdrawal from the university in the midst of a semester is a matter of major importance. Students considering to withdrawal from the university should discuss the matter with an advisor or a university counselor prior to initiating action. Contact the Office of Student Life, Room 149, Graff Main Hall, for information regarding the process that must be completed to withdrawal from the university. A more detailed description of the withdrawal-from-university policy and process, including medical withdrawals, is found in the Withdrawal from the University section of the University Catalog.

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