CSAH Assessment Committee

The purpose of the CSAH Assessment Committee is to define and implement college-wide assessment policies. The committee will gladly assist departments or programs that request guidance in executing or reporting their CSAH assessment activities.

Presentation introducing CSAH program assessment

CSAH Assessment Plan

Every department and program housed in the College of Science and Health is expected to participate in the CSAH Assessment activities.

Please submit the following assessment plan between October 1st and November 1st for CSAH Assessment Committee feedback.

Assessment Plan

Feedback will be returned to your program and you can proceed with the reporting of your assessment process on the Implementation Template below.

Reporting of Assessment Process

Please submit the following implementation template by January 1st, 2014 for CSAH Assessment Committee feedback.

Implementation Template

Example of completed documents:

SAH Assessment Committee Planning and Implementation Checklists

Assessment Timelines

General Resources Relating to Assessment

Category Helpful Links
Student Learning Outcomes An overview with good and bad examples contrasted

A “how to” guide for writing SLO’s
Methods to Collect Evidence Examples of direct and indirect measures

Explanation of various classroom assessment techniques
Methods to Analyze/ Evaluate Assessing Student Learning in Degree Programs (Texas Tech University)

Guidelines for reviewing assessment plans (UC-Irvine)
Criteria or benchmark for Success Benchmarking for program level outcomes - Pg 16 (Texas Tech University)

Setting performance targets (criteria for success)
Curriculum Maps Simple example of curriculum map

More complex example of a curriculum map

Additional Online Resources

CSAH Assessment Committee Members

Member Department
Sandra Grunwald ,Chair Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kathryn Perez Biology
Dan Duquette Health Education and Health Promotion
Kenny Hunt Computer Science
Mark Gibson Exercise and Sport Science
Aileen Staffaroni Health Professions
Barbara Bennie Mathematics
Bonnie Bratina Microbiology
Robert Ragan Physics
Laurie Harmon Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation
Colin Belby Geography & Earth Science