Taking PSY 370 Educational Psychology Online or as a Print-based Correspondence Class

If you are having trouble fitting PSY 370 Education Psychology into your schedule you might appreciate the chance to take it through another college or university.

Here are a few options to consider which are approved for transfer as PSY 370

University Course Online Print-based Tuition waiver option Tuition
UW-Independent Learning Ed Psy 301 Human Abilities and Learning   X X $759*
University of Idaho Independent Study Psyc 390 Psychology of Learning X X   $325*
Louisiana State University Independent Study Psyc 2060 Educational Psychology X X   $250*

*Does not include cost of textbooks or other course materials, and tuition costs are subject to change

Educational psychology is a course commonly offered by distance education programs, and I have provided a tiny sample of the offerings in the table above.  So, please feel free to search-out courses offered by other colleges and universities.

Getting started—easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Decide which course best fits your needs
    • Visit the university independent study websites—see links below
    • Read the course descriptions and syllabi
    • Make yourself familiar with program policies, administrative fees, and cost for course materials
  2. Visit the College of Science and Health Deans Office, 124 Mitchell, to complete an Off-Campus Course Approval form
    • Have the course information with you or take the form to complete and return later
  3. You will be ready to enroll when the form has been returned to you with our authorizing signature
    • Follow the instructions for enrollment provided by the independent study program you have selected

Tuition waivers for UW-Independent Learning courses

  1. You are welcome to pay the full tuition cost for ED PSY 301, but commonly students are able to qualify for a tuition waiver
  2. To qualify for the tuition waiver for Ed Psy 301 Human Abilities and Learning, you must be enrolled at UW-La Crosse as a full-time student
    1. 12-15 credits during a fall or spring semester
    2. 6 credits for a summer session
    3. J-Term enrollment will not qualify you for a tuition waiver
  3. Waivers are tied to the semester during which you intend to enroll in ED PSY 301,  and your UW-La Crosse tuition must be paid prior to a waiver being granted
  4. How to request a tuition waiver
    1. Present your signed copy of the Off-Campus Course Approval form in the UW-La Crosse Office of Records and Registration,117 Graff Main Hall
    2. Tuition waivers may be granted up to the mid-term of the semester for which you wish to enroll. Tuition waivers will not be granted after the midterm date
    3. You are advised to submit your registration materials for ED PSY 301 to UW Independent Learning after receiving your tuition waiver
  5. Other conditions regarding tuition waivers
    1. Tuition waivers are available through UW Independent Learning only
    2. The tuition waiver will be prorated in cases where you are carrying 16-17 credits (fall/spring) or 7-8 credits (summer)
    3. You will be required to pay the Independent Learning administrative fee and for books/course materials

When you finish the class

Make sure an official transcript is sent to the UW-La Crosse Office of Records and Registration once a grade has been recorded for your class.



Please contact Guy Herling, Assistant to the Dean,
(608) 785-8156