Geography and Earth Science Faculty Mentors

Cynthia J. Berlin
Assistant Professor of Geography
Research involves the application of satellite remote sensing and geographic information science (GIS) to environmental change assessment. Students are currently involved in assisting with research on Mississippi River floodplain wetland habitat. For additional information:

Dean Wilder
Professor of Geography and Earth Science
His research interests are in geoarcheology, soils, and geomorphology. Recent research topics by students include chemical analysis of archaeological sediments, micromorphology of soils at an archaeological site, site formation processes at a Paleo-Indian site, hydrologic response of small streams to rainfall events, accelerated bluff-slope erosion, wind and wave relationships on lakes. Students have full access to a variety of field equipment and to the Geography and Earth Science Soil Laboratory to carry out their research. For more information go to his web site at or e-mail him at .