Health Professions Faculty Mentors

Deborah Dougherty-Harris
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
Research involves examining various aspects of occupational performance and/or practice areas in children through the adult population. Students have the opportunity to work with peers in a project of their choice that aligns with faculty areas of interest and expertise. For additional information email: .

Tom Kernozek
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Research involves the biomechanics associated with human movement performance. Current projects involve the assessment of the mechanics of lifting in warehouse workers, the assessment of seat interface pressures during seating and the changes in mechanics with running fatigue. Students will have the opportunity to collect and analyze data relative to on-going projects in the laboratory. Additional information is available at .

Robin McCannon
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
Currently mentoring undergraduate student research projects involving the wholistic effectiveness of lymphedema treatments, body mechanics instruction and occupational performance and relationships between health status and assistive living. For additional information email: .