Interdisciplinary Areas Faculty Mentors

Applied Statistics
Abdulaziz Elfessi,
Associate Professor of Mathematics
His area of expertise is in the field of applied statistics. He has worked with several graduate and undergraduate students from many different departments at the University on a variety of projects. He joined the Mathematics Department in 1994 after teaching for 2 years at University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Dr. Elfessi served as the Statistical Consultant for the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse from 1996-1999. For more information, e-mail him at: .

Tom Kernozek,
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Robert Ragan,
Associate Professor of Physics
Their research involves the development of a finite element model to predict the interface pressures when a human is seated in a wheel chair. Their goal is to develop strategies to reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers. The software will also predict internal pressures and should enhance the clinical value of the pressure sensor mat that is currently in use. This research involves students from both departments. For more information see Dr. Ragan's web page at and Dr. Kernozek's web page at

Mathematical Modeling
For more information, please contact Dr. Bruce Riley at .