Mathematics Faculty Mentors

Abdulaziz Elfessi
Associate Professor of Mathematics
His area of expertise is in the field of applied statistics. He has worked with several graduate and undergraduate students from many different departments at the University on a variety of projects. He joined the Mathematics Department in 1994 after teaching for 2 years at University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Dr. Elfessi served as the Statistical Consultant for the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse from 1996-1999. For more information, e-mail him at: .

Robert Hoar
Associate Professor of Mathematics
He is working with students on the "Mathematics E-Tutor", an expert system that is web-based and which has the goal of teaching (or tutoring) remedial math students. A student is creating the software structure "behind the scenes" of the collection of web sites contained at . At this point you will see that the site does not contain too much remedial math content, but the basic structure of the site (the hard part) is nearly complete, thanks to the student working on the project.

The next step in the project is to develop the materials that will be placed on the "Mathematics E-Tutor." The "Student Developers" will be selected soon and will help fill in the blanks on the site. The 4-6 student developers will be paid through an undergraduate research grant program developed by Dr. Hoar and Dr. Sobota. The program primarily targets Secondary Ed students in Mathematics (a group that does not have too many undergraduate research opportunities). The grant information is contained in a PDF file that can be downloaded from .

For more information on Dr. Hoar go to his web site at

Susan E. Kelly
Professor of Mathematics
Her research area is Harmonic Analysis with a specialty in Wavelets. Students will have the opportunity to learn about Fourier analysis and Wavelets. There are many applications for this mathematics including signal compression for transmitting sound and images. For more information, stop by her office or check out the student research project at .

David M. Reineke
Assistant Professor of Mathematics in Statistics
Research involves constructing, testing and comparing goodness-of-fit tests and using computer simulations to compare methods of estimating lifetime distributions, particularly with randomly censored data. For more information go to his web site at or e-mail him at: .

Bruce Riley
Professor of Mathematics
His areas of interest are applied and computational mathematics. The following includes samples of projects that he has directed: Numerical Approximation of Interfacial Tension for Large Molecular Clusters, Early Harmonic Analyzers, A Singular Integral Equation from Mechanics, Modeling the Accumulation of Methylmercury in Fish, The Nodes of a Xylophone, Maximizing the Harvesting Yield from a Fishery, and A Non-Classical Family of Orthogonal Polynomials and Their Use in Constructing Gauss-Type Numerical Integration Schemes. Contact him at .

Helen Skala
Professor of Mathematics
Research involves axiomatic systems in finite geometries and other problems in geometry accessible to mathematics majors. For additional information e-mail her at: .