Physics Faculty Mentors

Michael Jackson
Associate Professor of Physics
He conducts research with direct discharge and optically pumped molecular lasers for use in laser Stark and laser magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies. For more information e-mail him at

Dr. Gubbi Sudhakaran
Professor of Physics
Research in this group involves the discovery of new optically pumped laser emissions in the far-infrared region and the investigation of symmetric- and asymmetric-top molecules using laser Stark spectroscopy. For more information contact Mike Jackson or Gubbi Sudhakaran directly.

Robert Ragan
Associate Professor of Physics
His research involves the theoretical study of nonlinear spin dynamics in spin-polarized quantum systems, especially liquid 3He and 3He-4He mixtures. His effort is focused on predicting the experimental signatures of degeneracy effects such as superfluidity, nonlinear spin diffusion, and anisotropic spin diffusion. Students have funded opportunities to work with state-of-the-art computational resources in the modeling aspects of this research. For more information see his web page at .