Curriculum in the Recreation Management Graduate Program

Recreation Management at UW-L offers a 30-credit program leading to a Masters of Science degree.

Admission Requirements

The program welcomes students without an undergraduate degree in Recreation, but some prerequisite courses may be required. Students may take deficiency courses prior to beginning the graduate program or they may begin the program and take the courses within the first two semesters of their graduate program. Prerequisite courses include:

  Rec 300 Program Planning in Recreation or demonstrated experience in recreation programming 3 credits
ACC 221 or Accounting Principles I 3 credits
ACC 235 Survey of Accounting 3 credits
Mth 145 Elementary Statistics 3 credits

*All course descriptions are available on the on-line catalogue at:

Required Courses

The following courses are required of all graduate students majoring in Recreation Management

  REC 520 Revenue Management in Recreation Enterprise 3 credits
REC 701 Philosophical Foundations of Leisure, Play, and Recreation 3 credits
REC 710 Entrepreneurship in Recreation 3 credits
REC 711 Management of Leisure Services Organizations 3 credits
REC 720 Research Methods for Recreation, Parks, and Leisure 3 credits

A total of 30 credits of graduate credit are required for graduation.

Research Options: Thesis, Project, or Internship

Every graduate student must culminate his or her program with one of the following:

  Option A - Thesis Credits
REC 799 Research: Master’s Thesis 6
Option B - Graduate Project Credits
REC 761 Graduate Project in Recreation 6
Option C - Internship Credits
REC 700 Internship 6

Sample Schedule for Recreation Management Graduate Students (all prerequisites needed)
Fall Semester     Spring Semester  
REC 701 3 cr   REC 710 3 cr
REC 720 3 cr   REC 711 3 cr
ACC 221 or 235 3 cr   REC 300 3 cr
MTH 145 4 cr   REC 520 3 cr
      Elective 3 cr
Fall Semester (for students
completing REC 799 or REC 761)
Elective 3 cr      
Elective 3 cr      
REC 799 Thesis 6 cr      
REC 761 Graduate Project 6 cr      
Fall Semester ( for students
completing REC 700)
    Spring Semester (for students
completing REC 700)
Elective 3 cr   REC 700 6 cr
Elective 3 cr      
Some "possible" elective courses: REC 740, REC 500, REC 502, REC 504, ESS 745, ESS 765