Internship Preparation Requirements

In preparation, students must read the following:

  • Recreation Management Internship Manual (Students will receive access to the manual in the pre-internship course on D2L. Contact the Internship Coordinator for a manual if you would like a copy before the pre-internship course.)
  • Seagle, E. E., Smith, R. W., & Dalton, L. M. (1992).  Internships in recreation and leisure services: A practical guide for students.  State College: Venture Publishing.  (Available from UWL Textbook Rental)

Student must also complete the following on specific dates indicated on the pre-internship course syllabus the semester before they intend to intern:

  • Student information sheet
  • 50 hours pre-professional experience (undergraduate students only) (Guidelines and form)
  • 50 hours pre-professional experience (undergraduate students only) (Guidelines and form)
  • One passport-size photograph of student
  • Criminal background check of student (see Internship Coordinator for details)
  • Recreation Management Competency Assessment & Critical Analysis (undergraduate students only)
  • Student resume
  • Cover letter (undergraduate students only)
  • Mock interview (undergraduate students only)
  • Signed internship agreement form
  • Job description within the 5 core internship areas:  Marketing, Personnel Management, Facility Operation, Programming, Financial Management (sample internship job description)
  • Internship site supervisor resume or biographical letter
  • Unapproved internship site appeal letter (unapproved internship sites only)
  • Additional assignments may be given at the discretion of the Internship Coordinator.