Selecting An Internship Site

How do I find an internship?

First: Decide what you want to do

  • What are you career goals?
  • What type of experience are you seeking?
  • What skills do you want to test or gain?
  • What kind of organizations are you interested in working for?

Second: Determine Needed Criteria and Requirements

  • Understand the essential 5 core area requirements for the Recreation Management Internship:  Programming, Marketing & Public Relations, Human Resource Management, Facility Operation and Maintenance, and Budgeting & Financial Management
  • Surf on-line the Recreation Management Internship website
  • Contact the internship administrative assistant for the internship manual
  • REMINDER: The Recreation Management Program determines internship criteria and gives you a letter grade. Your internship site supervisor will most likely be asked to evaluate your performance, but your faculty advisor gives the final grade.

Third:  Gather information

  • Talk to former students and professionals about where they did their internships
  • Make an appointment with your on-campus Career Services
  • Explore professional associations
  • Surf on-line the Recreation Management Internship website and the internship site directory
  • If you are are interested in an unapproved internship site, please click on the unapproved sites link

Fourth: Take action to prepare and apply

  • Research the organizations
  • Determine what is needed to apply for the position
  • Update and edit your resume, cover letter, and references with the assistance of your on-campus Career Services
  • Apply to the organizations that you are interested in, setting up interviews if possible
  • Be persistent and follow up