Selecting an Unapproved Internship Site in Recreation Management

There are two instances where an unapproved site may be approved: 1) The University does not currently have an approved site for that specific profession. 2) A site is recognized by the profession for its top ranking nationally/internationally. In either of these instances, a student could apply for approval.

If you find an internship site that is not approved and it fits either of these cases, you must follow the following procedures:

  1. You must submit a letter of appeal to the Internship Coordinator at the beginning of REC 449 Pre-Internship course as designated by the course syllabus or before the course begins. The letter must clearly state logical, justifiable reasons why this site warrants consideration based on the cases described above. The name, title, address, phone number, and email address of the individual willing to supervise you must be included. Include a proposed job description within the five core internship areas of marketing, personnel management, facility operation, programming, and financial management and any promotional literature that helps explain the site and show proof of its excellence. A resume or biographical letter outlining the supervisor’s educational background and past work experience must be submitted. Graduate students must also submit the same documents for an unapproved site at the beginning of REC 449 as designated by the course syllabus the semester before they intend to do their internship.
  2. To help ensure that you not only select a quality site but that you get it approved, investigate at least three sites. Then, in your appeal letter compare the strengths and weaknesses of each site, giving sound evidence as to why the site you have chosen is best and describe your reasons for selecting the site you chose.
  3. The Internship Coordinator will review your appeal letter. The unapproved internship site’s final approval will only occur after the job description and the supervisor’s credentials have been carefully reviewed. We want to ensure that you receive a quality, comprehensive experience with adequate support and supervision.
  4. You will be notified as to whether your appeal is accepted or rejected. If the site is approved, it will be approved for only you (not a permanently approved site). If the site is not approved, you will be given reasons for denial.

If the site is approved and you have a memorable internship experience, the internship site may seek a permanent internship site status.  To do so, they should click on the prospective internship sites link on the home page of the Recreation Management Internship website.