Sent: Friday, October 18, 2002
Subject: Hello
I wanted to keep you posted and let you know that I love my job at the VA in Tampa and being a part of the Brain Injury Program. I thank you again for the preparation at UW-L. We just went through a CARF survey and got wonderful reviews complementing our treatment team and they even remembered to compliment TR! I was very proud and wanted to share this with you.
Abby Wolf (2001 UWL TR grad)

I wanted to let the TR department and University know that from a professional view point, UWL TR graduates and interns are of the highest quality and extremely well prepared for professional practice! The knowledge base and application of knowledge and skills a student from UWL brings to an internship opportunity is exceptional! Keep up the great work!  
Kirsten (Romness Rosenberg) , CTRS
Hennepin County Medical Center
Mpls, MN  

"Over the years we have found that the Therapeutic Recreation interns from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse possess exceptional educational background, professionalism, and work ethic needed to excel in the work force."
Kelly Kramer, CTRS ('97) and Brooke Smith, CTRS ('98)
Hillview Health Care Center, La Crosse, WI