More About Us

S.A.P.A.'s name indicates the positive, optimistic focus of our group. First, we are students. Then we are advocates. We advocate, or promote, the potential ability in all students, especially students who happen to have a disability. All students have incredible potential to grow, to learn, to lead, to create, to effect change. Too often, people with disabilities are thought of more for what they can’t do. We prefer to focus on what people can do and their potential to do even more.

We attempt to accomplish our mission through a variety of activities and events. We have sponsored, or co-sponsored, speakers, entertainers, and movies, as well as wheelchair basketball tournaments and gingerbread house building competitions. SAPA members have participated in panel discussions on campus and at area high schools. For 30 years we have sponsored an awards ceremony honoring faculty and staff who help make UW-L accessible to all students. Future events and activities will be determined by the future members of SAPA. We would love to hear your suggestions.

S.A.P.A. Officers for the 2013-2014 school year:

                Katie Houle, SAPA President, 2012 to 2013 school year

Katie Houle - President

Avril Rivard - Vice President

Kali Weber - Secretary

Kayla Sanger - Treasurer

TBD - Student Association Representative

Amanda Jones - Diversity Organization Coalition (DOC) Representative

Dr. Ray Block - co-advisor

Dr. Terry Lilley - co-advisor


Past Presidents:  (below - left to right)  Amanda Framberg (2009-2010), Ryan Nell (2007-2008), Andrea Frisch (2010-2011), Amanda Jones (2011-2012)

   3 former SAPA Presidents, Amanda Framberg, Ryan Nell and Andrea Frisch                             SAPA President Amanda Jones