Business Resources

The SBDC provides access to world-class information resources to meet the needs of both beginning and experienced business owners. The resources range from local to international and serve as references and networking tools for start-up operations and existing small businesses.

Business Resources (local, state, national, international)

7 Rivers Region Resources - A clearinghouse of vital information and resources available throughout the 7 Rivers Region.

Wisconsin Business Resources - Links to the state agencies, resources, programs and information for those interested in doing business in Wisconsin.

National Business Resources - Links to federal agencies, resources, and information for business and industry.

International Business Resources - Resources for those looking to expand their business and trade internationally.

Business Resources by Topic

Business Management Resources - A wealth of resources and information for managing a business.

Economic Development Resources (Regional) - Links to economic data and information, as well as resources geared toward economic development around the region and Wisconsin.

Financing Resources - List of usable financial planning documents and available financial resources (loans and grant programs.)

Employment and Training Resources - Links to regional employment and training agencies.

Market Research Resources - Links to valuable market research resources, statistical data, economic trends and conditions.

Pre-Venture and New Business Resources - List of usable business startup and planning documents and new business resources

International Business Web Site Portals [.DOC] - A listing of websites that are all-encompassing and provide information and links to a variety of resources.  They serve as a "portal" to international business on the internet.

portal” to international business resources and Web sites.