Student Affairs Staff Development Committee

Committee Charge:

The staff development committee is charged with surveying staff satisfaction and needs in the division of Student Development and Academic Services.  The committee should analyze the information and make recommendations to the division directors and the dean of students.  Recommendations should address such issues as staff morale, interaction between departments, opportunities for recognition, and communication.  These recommendations should reflect the values of the division, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Respect and acknowledgement for all staff
  • Opportunities for interaction foster good will, healthy attitudes and collaboration
  • Communication in all directions is encouraged when possible and appropriate
  • Promotes staff training and professional development opportunities

 Division Value:

Fun and Teamwork – We believe that work and learning should be fun and collaborative.  We seek to create supportive environments that make it fun to do our work.

Integrity and Professionalism – We seek to establish an environment that is consistent with our values, characterized by openness, compassion, accountability, respect, and appreciation for our students, colleagues and partners.

 Committee Membership:

M. McAlpine, Recreational Sports
K. Schendel, University Centers
T. Harris, Multicultural Student Services
B. Gibson, Athletics
M. Slevin, University Centers