Comprehensive Assessment System

The School of Education developed the Comprehensive Assessment System (CAS) in order to evaluate teacher candidates’ development in the Wisconsin Teacher Educator Standards (WTES). The CAS is aligned with the five assessment categories required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on teacher candidate’s knowledge, skills, and dispositions. These components include: communication skills, human relations, pedagological knowledge, content knowledge, and teaching practice.

Within these categories, certain criteria have been identified as particularly important in determining the proficiency of teacher candidates’ knowledge, skills and dispositions. Areas of interest include: Praxis scores, content and method course grades, GPA, benchmarks (admission into the teacher education program, graduation, and certification), portfolio, and field experience performance in relation to the WTES. Praxis scores, course grades, and GPA were acquired through the institutional research department. The portfolio and field experience components, however, required committees to convene to develop rubrics based on the WTES that would help advisors and supervisors rate teacher candidate performance. The final ratings from the rubrics were collected through both Qualtrics and fillable PDFs, and then exported to the CAS database for further analysis. To learn more about the methodology and to view results of the evaluations, please click on the following link:

School of Education - Comprehensive Assessment System