Assessment Studies

The following are descriptions of each of the studies conducted during the Fall 2010 semester.  Each section also includes a link to the full report, with the exception of the Alumni Study, which has not yet been completed.

Program Evaluation by Teacher Candidates

Changes were  made to the program evaluation process.  In previous semesters, graduating teacher candidates were asked to participate in focus groups and complete a survey relating to their experiences in the teacher education program.  In the Fall 2010 semester, focus groups were eliminated and a condensed version of the former survey was emailed to and completed by graduating students.  The content of the survey focused on teacher candidates’ level of preparedness in the WTES, perception of the portfolio process, and level of agreement with statements relating to the School of Education Conceptual Framework.  Rating scales ranged from “Not prepared” to “Very well prepared”, and “Strongly disagree” to “Strongly agree”.  Open-ended items regarding field experience, as well as strengths and suggested changes of the teacher education program were also included.  Results of the survey can be found in the Program Evaluation Report. 

Field Experience I, Field Experience II and Student Teaching Evaluation

The field experience rubrics (FE I, FE II and Student Teaching) provided three ratings: below proficiency, proficiency, and exceeds proficiency; and an overall rating of “Ready to Advance” or “Advance according to Remediation Plan” was given per WTES.  The online survey asked supervisors to indicate in which WTES the teacher candidate was ready to advance.  The Field Experience I, Field Experience II, and Student Teaching Evaluation Report shows the Fall 2010 performance results broken down by certification (PETE, SHE, EC-MC, MC-EA, EC-A, EA-A). 

Portfolio Evaluation

The portfolio rubric had four different ratings: unmet, developing, proficient for pre-student teaching, and proficient for post-student teaching.  Unlike the field experience forms, a final rating was not included.  Portfolio advisors completed the rubrics and entered their final ratings per WTES into the online evaluation forms.  To view the full report with performance results, click here.

Alumni Feedback

The Alumni Study is currently underway.  Graduates one, three and five years out of the program were selected as recipients of an online survey.  The purpose of the survey was to determine graduates’ perceptions of how well the teacher education program prepared them to teach within the parameters of the WTES.  The survey also asked which grades and in what content areas they have taught since graduation.  Employers of these graduates also received, or will be receiving, a survey asking for their perception of how well prepared UW-L graduates are/were in the WTES.  Data will be collected from all graduates and employers of the selected years, analyzed and results will be reported in the near future.  This study is cyclical and longitudinal; every year, graduates one, three and five years out, and their employers, will receive the same survey and results will be compared with previous years.

To view the 2010 Alumni Study Report, click here. (pdf)

If you have any questions or comments relating to assessment, please contact Katie Hosley-Frieden, Assessment Coordinator, at or 608-785-8148.