UW-La Crosse & UW-Eau Claire
Equity Audit in Professional Education Programs

University of Wisconsin La Crosse Campus:Attentive Children
Wednesday, August 8th - 11am-5pm
Thursday, August 9th - 8am-2pm

Institutional teams will come together to share expertise and collaboratively design an action plan to recruit and support qualified diverse teacher candidates.  Teams will also engage in establishing criteria to evaluate how our professional education programs prepare White teachers to work with traditionally marginalized populations. The following year, teams will return to the UW-L campus to report on progress and explore potential for federal and external funding sources as a consortium.  This retreat is supported by a UW System TQI grant.

Equity Audit Conference Facilitators

Conference Outcomes:

  • Develop a data driven equity audit to examine the obstacle and opportunities that predominately White professional education programs face as they attempt to diversify the teacher education field.
  • Develop strategic actions to recruit and retain underrepresented groups into professional education programs.
  • Identify strategies for gathering relevant data to inform educator preparation with regard to WI Teacher Standard 3: The teacher candidate understands how learners differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners.

Conference Details:

UW-La Crosse
  • Lodging - Lodging will be provided at Reuter Hall, the new University of La Crosse housing facility. Check-in time is 8:30am-10:30am, Wednesday, August 8th.
  • Meals - Conference meals will be provided for all participants. Participants traveling by car more than 100 miles one way are allowed one travel meal figured at the state lunch rate of $9.
  • Travel - Each site will be reimbursed mileage for up to 3 vehicles to the conference. The cost for car travel is based on the mileage per car at the state rate of 42.5 cents per mile.
  • A Travel Expense Reimbursement form (TER) must be completed by the owner/driver of the vehicle and submitted to the School of Education, 235 Morris Hall.

Recommendation for Team Membership:

Institutional teams of 5-7 from each invited institution will include the following representatives: 

  • Teacher Education faculty and administrators
  • Faculty Arts & Sciences
  • PK-12 administrator or teacher
  • Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Services or other involved with diverse student populations (e.g., campus climate, affirmative action, diversity council, recruitment officer)
  • Director of Field Experiences or others involved with field experiences

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