2005-2006 PK-16 TQI Grant Activities

UW-La Crosse received a grant through the PK-16 Teacher Quality Initiative that allowed us to implement a standards based assessment in student teaching. The grant had one goal: To implement the Ball State/PDK Student Teacher Assessment System.  UW-La Crosse was very successful in meeting this goal.

Grant Activities

Cooperating Teacher Workshops

Three 4 hour training workshops were held on August 26th and 29th, 2005, and January 14th, 2006.  133 cooperating teachers took part.  They were supplied with forms, books, and assorted materials.  Jim Nesbitt, Director of Student Teaching/Interns, and two University Supervisor coordinators presented at each of the sessions with input from various faculty.  Teachers who were not at the training, and still had student teachers, were supplied with the Ball State/PDK booklets.  Light breakfast and refreshments were served.

Assessment of Student Teachers

Starting with the fall semester of 2005, and continuing into the spring semester of 2006, all student teachers were evaluated using the Ball State/PDK assessment system.   All  students were trained in the system during spring semester of 2005, and continued to learn the system in Clinical Field Experience classes before they were assigned to student teach.  University Supervisors, who had student teachers in the field, were also trained in the system, and acted as trainers with cooperating teachers who had not had the chance for training workshops.

Evaluation of Process and Formalization of System

On October 21st, 2005, ten triads (Cooperating Teacher, University Supervisor, Student Teacher) were brought back to campus for a mid term evaluation of the process.  Substitute teachers for one half day were hired in the districts, and UWL faculty and staff provided facilitation for the feedback. Lunch was provided.

Assessment: Pre & Post Cooperating Teachers Evaluation

Two university professors conducted pre and post assessment of cooperating teachers’ understanding of the standards before and after the cooperating teachers completed the Cooperating Teacher Workshops.  Analysis of this data is ongoing.

On-Line Mentors/Program Consultants

Two University Ad-Hoc Supervisors (who were experienced with the Ball State/PDK Assessment) were hired to be on-line mentors and program consultants.  Both helped present during the training sessions, and made their phone numbers and email addresses available for consultation during the school year.  Feedback from teachers and students indicated that they were very helpful.  Both Supervisors indicated that they had received numerous calls for information and assistance.

On-Line Tutorial Development for Training Purposes

An on-line tutorial system is being implemented.  The tutorial, which will include video and Power Point presentations, will be available, and the forms for grade reporting, assessment of students, and other documentation will also be made available for classroom teachers to use. See the Office of Field Experiences for information about the UW-L Student Teaching/Internship program.