UW-La Crosse PK-16 Teacher Quality Initiative Grant

Building Strong University-Wide Teacher Education Programs Through a Customized Standards-Based Clinical Experiences Assessment System

UW-La Crosse received another TQI Grant to build on the work begun in 2005-06. Below, is an abstract of the 2006-07 grant.

P-I 34 was instrumental in moving teacher education to a standards-based system. Although UW-La Crosse embraced the concept of standards-based teacher education and revised its teacher education programs to meet the goals of P-I 34, it wasn’t until 2005 that a standards-based assessment of student teachers was implemented using the Ball State model of assessment. After implementing the Ball State model, a number of issues and opportunities arose. This grant provided funding to resolve the issues and move forward with the opportunities.

The issues included the need to customize the Ball State model that was adopted to reflect local standards, terminology, policies and practices and to find more efficient and cost-effective ways of disseminating the materials and education needed by PK-12 faculty and university supervisors. The opportunities included expanding the use of the customized standards-based assessment model to include the clinical experiences as well as the student teaching experience. In addition, there was an opportunity to engage UW-L faculty from across the university in understanding and supporting standards-based teacher education. This will be done by systematically bringing content faculty together with education and PK-12 faculty to work collaboratively in understanding the standards-based assessment system used with teacher education candidates and engaging content faculty in observation and supervision of student teachers and clinical students using the customized standards-based assessment model. Success of this model will be shared with other UW-System institutions though websites and through a system-wide workshop held at UW-La Crosse in the spring of 2007.