University and SOE Faculty Resources

There is a variety of University and School of Education grants to support faculty who teach in an initial or advanced program to actively engage in professional practice with PK-12 schools, professional organizations, research and other education related endeavors at the local, state or national level.

International Development Fund Grants

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a leader in global education within the University of Wisconsin System. Through institutional partnerships and other scholarly activities, university faculty and academic staff are connected with other universities and organizations throughout the world. International experiences bring the world to the classroom, enhance research, and assist in preparing students, faculty, and staff in becoming global citizens for the 21st Century. The International Faculty/Academic Staff Development Fund (IDF) was created in 1999 to facilitate and support international activities. The International Faculty/Academic Staff Development Fund (IDF) was created in 1999 to facilitate and support international activities.

All faculty and instructional/non-instructional academic staff and administrators (non-academic) with 50% appointments or more are eligible to apply.

Lesson Study for College Teachers

A "lesson" is a teaching and learning episode that usually takes place in a single class period. A lesson is carefully planned to address one or more student learning goals. The lesson plan describes not only what the teacher might say or do, but also how students are likely to respond to the lesson activities. As an object of study, a lesson offers a manageable "unit of analysis," one that reveals the richness and complexity of actual classroom practice.

There are four major purposes that motivate lesson study:

    • To better understand how students learn what you teach
    • To create usable products for other teachers in your field
    • To improve teaching through systematic, collaborative inquiry
    • To build a pedagogical knowledge base in which teachers can benefit from one another’s knowledge of teaching

Faculty Development Grants

The UWL Faculty Development Committee (FDC) awards grants to support the professional development of faculty and instructional academic staff and projects intended to improve teaching and learning. There are three types of grants:

  • Teaching Innovations - to try out new teaching strategies and approaches
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Professional Development

UW-L provides Faculty Research Grants on a competitive, peer-reviewed basis to eligible faculty and academic staff. The term “research” is meant to denote investigative activities, i.e., scholarly efforts to advance knowledge, increase skills, and improve understanding in any academic discipline. Proposals clearly designed to improve instruction on this campus will not be considered for funding by these grants.

UW-L and La Crosse School District Collaborative Grants

Collaborative grants are grants that in some way involve and benefit both the School District of La Crosse and the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Below are a few examples of how collaboration might look, and such types of collaborations will receive a higher priority of the grant development specialist’s time:

  • University pre-service teachers as classroom interns
  • Faculty provide in-service workshops for teachers and vice versa
  • Both institutions receive needed resources, equipment or supplies
  • School district serves as source of university research that will improve education (e.g., teacher surveys)
  • Inter-level student mentoring
  • Early student and/or teacher recruitment

SOE Content Liaisons Enrichment Fund

Content Liaisons committee is made up of representatives from Departments who house a professional education program, the Chair of the Department of Education, and the Director of the School of Education.

Purpose of Content Liaison Enrichment Fund:

  • Support content faculty to collaborate with area PK-12 colleagues.
  • Support teacher candidates in content courses to attend regional or state conferences.
  • Facilitate collaborative relationships to strengthen professional connections  between professional educator preparation programs and content programs.

SOE Steinke-Saterbak Fund in Elementary Education Fine Arts

The School of Education has an endowed fund of $500 annually to support integration of the fine arts as part of the curriculum in 1-6 grades.  “Fine Arts” as defined by the Steinke-Saterbak endowment is defined to include the areas of poetry, creative drama, creative writing, music, art, and movement.  The primary though not exclusive target for the funds should be undergraduate students majoring in elementary education.  Funds cannot be used for purchase of any food or beverages.

Requests for this fund should be made in writing.  Please include the following information:

  1. target audience
  2. Brief summary of workshop, speaker, event, etc. (1 or 2 paragraphs)
  3. budget
  4. SOE faculty contact

Money must be spent this academic year.

SOE Clinical, Student Teaching and Collaboration Assessment Grants

Each SOE faculty and Instructional academic staff has the opportunity to write a grant proposal to the School of Education to receive research funds for their field experience initiatives and clinical evaluations. The mini-grants are funded through the School of Education.

The purpose of the mini-grants is to stimulate evaluation of and research into clinical experiences and collaborations with PK-12 colleagues. The Mini-Grants are intended to give SOE faculty support to research that will lead to improvement of the programs and/or enhancement of educational opportunities for teacher candidates.  Mini-Grants may be awarded up to $1000/per project.  Priority will be given to grant proposal that are based on evaluation of the development of teacher candidate performance within the context of our mission and goals as they relate to standards. Faculty who receive these grants will be expected to share their on-going work at a School of Education meeting.  Only one award will be given to a faculty member per year. 

  • A brief written proposal of not more than 500 words describing the work to be supported by the grant, and
  • A summary budget and explanation to indicate what funds are requested, how the funds will be spent to accomplish the work described in the proposal, and how these requested funds will be used in concert with other resource

School of Education Alice Hagar Curriculum Fund

To expand the curriculum collection by diversifying the collection, faculty and staff can request particular materials be purchased with this fund.  The primary purpose of the fund is to provide materials to teacher candidates, teachers and faculty to support the mission and goals of the School of Education.  Faculty can request professional books, curriculum materials and children’s/young adult literature in both fiction and non-fiction. 

To request a purchase, please see:   

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Alliance

The goal of the STEM alliance is to enhance the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and related fields by coordinating existing programs and by creating new ones that positively impact STEM teaching and learning.  Positive impact requires collaboration and innovation at all levels - from PK-12  through college and into professional development. This collaborative is a campus-wide initiative supported by the School of Education.  Faculty members, researchers, and administrators from across the UW-L campus formed this alliance to support and enrich STEM teaching and learning in Wisconsin and throughout the nation.

The UW-La Crosse STEM Alliance may be found on the STEM Portal at: