Program Overview

The DPI requires a minimum of 100 supervised hours of clinical field experience before students will commence student teaching/internship. The program at UW-L meets that requirement through a progressive experience, including two levels of clinical fieldwork. Requirements within each clinical vary depending on the major/minor program of the student.

Clinical Field Experience Program Sequence

  • Middle Childhood/Early Adolescent Level
    • C-I 302/502 Level II Clinical Field Experience: Middle Childhood
    • C-I 445/645 Refining Teaching Skills/Level III Clinical Field Experience
  • Early Adolescent/Adolescent Level
    • C-I 211 Level I Clinical Field Experience
    • C-I 305/505 Level II Clinical Field Experience: Early Adolescent and Adolescent Schools
    • C-I 450/650 Clinical Field Experience III: Professional Development in Early Adolescent and
      Adolescent Schools
  • School Health Education (SHE)
    • SHE 210 Level I Clinical Field Experience in Health Education
    • SHE 312 Level II Clinical in School Health Education 
    • SHE 402 Clinical Fieldwork Experience in Health Education
  • Exercise and Sports Science (ESS)
    • ESS 226 Clinical Field Experience in Teaching Physical Education I
    • ESS 326 Clinical Field Experience in Teaching Physical Education II
  • Early Childhood Minor (EC)
    • ECE 213 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
    • ECE 327/527 Clinical Field Experience--Kindergarten

Any student wanting to change programs after s/he has been accepted into a Professional Program in Teacher Education will need to re-apply to that program and be re-approved by the Teacher Admission Committee.