Admission to Student Teaching or Internships

The student teaching or internship experience is generally completed during the final semester in residence. Application forms for student teaching and internships are obtained online. Completed application packets are turned in one year prior to the student teaching placement semester--in early October for a fall semester placement and in late February or early March for a spring semester placement. Per Wisconsin law, students teach full days for a full semester, as calculated according to the cooperating school calendar. Most cooperating schools are located within an approximately 50-mile radius of La Crosse, although students may elect to student teach in the Milwaukee Public School system.

To be eligible for student teaching, students must:  

  1. Have and maintain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average, as well as a 2.75 in major, minor, concentration, and professional sequence;
  2. Meet prerequisites specified for ECE 400, 401; EDS 493, 494, and/or 495; SHE 493, 494, and/or 495; SPE 483/583, 484/584, 784; 
  3. Declare the major(s), minor(s), and/or concentrations for which they are seeking certification at the time of application to student teaching or internships.


Qualified students may indicate a preference for an internship rather than a traditional student teaching assignment. To qualify, students must be formally admitted to teacher education and must possess and maintain (through graduation) a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or more. Interns are assigned for an entire semester to schools that are part of the Wisconsin Improvement Program. The Director of Field Experience makes the final decision for the limited number of internships that are available. Application forms for the internship pool are obtained online. The completed application is due in 145 Graff Main Hall by February 15 for placement during the fall semester and by September 15 for placement during the spring semester. Once a student has been offered and accepted an internship position, the student must obtain a password from the Office of Field Experience in 145 Graff Main Hall to apply online for their intern license.

Certification to Teach

Students must maintain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average and 2.75 in all certifiable majors and minors, concentrations, and professional education courses. Exit exams may be required in certifiable areas.

Students who complete all university requirements and all teacher education requirements for student teaching or internship, but who fail to successfully complete the 15-credit student teaching or internship experience, may be awarded a degree in elementary education, physical education, school health education, or secondary education. This degree will not earn Department of Public Instruction endorsement for licensure. See the Assistant to the Dean of the respective college/school for details.