Student Teaching and Internship Orientation Materials

All student teachers and interns must PRINT and BRING WITH THEM the following documents to the Student Teaching Orientation Meeting.
Orientation Agenda - January 22, 2013                                                

Career Services Release Form                                                                   

Wisconsin Law Form
Student Teaching Policies and Procedures

Responsibilities of Student Teachers and Interns
Internship Guidelines (Only for students in Internship positions)
Early Childhood Education Guidelines (Only for students in ECE placements)

Phases of Student Teaching

Fieldwork Standards in Practice
     - Student Teaching - Midterm Form
     - Student Teaching - Final Form
Lesson Plan Outline
Lesson Plan Sample
Lesson Plan Self Assessment
Student Teacher Observation Form

Student Teaching Important Dates for Fall 2013
All student teachers and interns must review the following documents before the Student Teaching Orientation Meeting.
Healthy Boundaries For Teachers
Sexual Harassment Policy Statement
Wisconsin Statute Prohibits Discrimination