What is a Portfolio?

What a portfolio is not:

  1. Your portfolio is NOT collections of everything that you have created during your professional teacher education program.
  2. Your portfolio is NOT simply a collection of evidence from a variety of sources (samples of student work, action research report, units of study).
  3. Your portfolio is NOT a demonstration of your teaching competencies.

What a portfolio is:

  1. Your portfolio documents your growth over time in your deepening understanding of the knowledge, skills and dispositions of the Wisconsin Teacher Standards.
  2. Your portfolio is a collection of selected samples that illustrate how you teach and how you think about teaching and learning in a variety of contexts in which teaching and learning occur.
  3. Your portfolio is a tool to help you to think about your teaching and your professional development in the knowledge, skills and dispositions required of a beginning teacher. 
  4. Your portfolio is a product AND A PROCESS.   The value of the portfolio is in the process.  It is in the reflective processes of selecting and organizing your portfolio materials so that you think deeply about your beliefs and practices and can document growth over time. Reflective practice is the hallmark of what effective teachers do to improve their practice and inquire into their own learning.