Department of Educational Studies (DES)

The Department is committed to preparing teachers who can teach all students in all schools - rural, urban or suburban. The faculty in the Department of Educational Studies take seriously our commitment to excellence in teacher education and offer programs leading to licensure in Early Childhood-Middle Childhood, Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence, Early Adolescence-Adolescence, and Early Childhood-Adolescence in addition to Special Education.

Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE)

UW-La Crosse has been a state and national leader in preparing physical education teachers for decades. Our graduates, certifiable to teach kindergarten through high school, teach in all 50 states and several foreign countries. Study is broad based, with emphasis on motor skills, fitness, scientific principles, teaching strategies, and program development.  

School Health Education (SHE)

A one-of-a-kind program in Wisconsin, the school health education major is nationally recognized for excellence in preparing certified school health education professionals. Eight faculty, all with doctorates in the field, lead students in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating school health education programs through classroom and field experiences. Graduates are certified to teach kindergarten through high school, prepared to coordinate school health education curricula, and experienced in developing health promotion activities for students and faculty.

Secondary Teacher Education Preparation (STEP)

The Secondary Teacher Education Preparation (STEP) Program is a university-wide School of Education program committed to preparing knowledgeable, skillful and professional middle and high school teachers who have the content and pedagogical knowledge to meet the needs of students in a variety of settings. STEP is a collaborative program leading to licensure in Early Adolescence-Adolescence in which teacher candidates earn a bachelors degree in an appropriate content major combined with professional education coursework and multiple field experiences.  At UW-L, EA-A programs leading to licensure include the following content majors of Biology, General (Broad Field) Science, Broad Field Social Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, English, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, and Sociology. Several content minors are also available for EA-A licensure.  

The STEP Program will officially launch Fall 2011 for all incoming freshman. Students currently enrolled in the EA-A program will work with their academic advisor to transition seamlessly into the program.