About PI 34

The New Education Program Approval and Licenses (PI 34) rules have restructured teacher education, educator licenses, and professional development for Wisconsin educators. The new system is based on the Wisconsin Standards with demonstrated knowledge, skills and dispositions for teaching, pupil services, and administration. Initial licensing is based on an educator's successful performance as measured against these standards.

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Initial Educator Licensing

All educators endorsed by institutions of higher education with approved programs who complete programs after August 31, 2004 must meet the requirements of PI 34.  All persons completing after August 31, 2004 will be licensed as Initial Educators in teaching, pupil services or administration.  The length of the Initial Educator’s license is for five years, with a minimum time of three years, and is non-renewable.  To renew a license, Initial Educators must create a Professional Development Plan (PDP) and address two or more of the Educator Standards.  A three-member Initial Educator Review Team consisting of an administrator, an Institute of Higher Education representative, and a peer verify the plan.  Once the team has verified the PDP, the Initial Educator can apply for the next licensure level, the Professional Educator license.

School Districts Requirements for Supporting Initial Educators

  • The school district must provide ongoing, collaboratively developed orientation for the Initial Educator.
  • The school district must provide support seminars that reflecting the educator standards and district goals. 
  • The school district must provide a qualified, trained mentor for the Initial Educator. 

Professional Educator Licensing

All educators who completed an approved program prior to August 31, 2004 hold a Professional Educator license.  A Professional Educator license is for a period of five years and is renewable.  Current Professional Educators have the option of renewing their license by either taking six graduate credits OR creating a PDP based on two of the appropriate Educator Standards.  All persons completing an approved program after August 31, 2004 and successfully completing the Initial Educator level, must renew their licenses by creating a PDP.  A three-member team consisting of three peers reviews and verifies the plan.

Master Educator Licensing

A third level of licensing is the Master Educator.   A Master Educator license is optional.  It is a 10 year renewable license based on mastery of the Educator Standards.  The Master Educator license is a high stakes portfolio assessment that includes the individual holds a Master’s degree, demonstrates improved student achievement, and highlights professional contributions.  A three-member team of DPI trained assessors reviews the portfolio.  Educator’s may achieve Master level through either the Wisconsin process or the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification.

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