About the Initiative


Supported by The Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor & a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Initiative (SoTL) Grant from UW System, The UW-La Crosse SoTL initiative is a broad effort to help train and involve faculty in the scholarship of teaching and learning. The goals of the initiative are to

  1. increase faculty interest and involvement in SoTL
  2. help faculty develop expertise to do SoTL
  3. help faculty develop scholarly products in the form of field-tested course materials and teaching practices

As part of the initiative, faculty will investigate student learning as it relates to class assignments or specific learning problems in a class, develop new course materials and field test them in their classes. The projects will result in scholarly products intended to improve the practice of teaching and student learning.

Current Efforts

  • UW-L Classroom Research Program: The purpose of the program is to help instructors develop classroom research skills and engage in scholarly inquiry of teaching and learning. Those selected to participate will take part in a classroom research seminar and undertake a project to investigate student learning in their own classes.
  • The UW-La Crosse Lesson Study Project: In 2003-2004, instructors in Biology, Economics, English and Psychology undertook lesson study in one of their introductory level courses. Each group designed, taught, assessed and revised a Research Lesson in the fall semester and will teach, assess and revise the Research Lesson once again in spring 2004. This program is currently being expanded.
  • Colloquium Series: Campus discussions and presentations on the theme, "Investigating Enduring Learning Problems in our Classrooms"
    • "I taught it, so why don't my students get it?": Student Preconceptions and Misconceptions in Learning Subject Matter (Initial session held October 3, 2003)
    • "I teach it, but students don't want to learn it": Student Motivation (Initial session held November 7, 2003)

SoTL Work Group

  • Donna Anderson
  • Terry Beck
  • Bill Cerbin
  • Scott Cooper
  • Sandy Grunwald
  • Ronda Knox
  • Bryan Kopp
  • Boon Murray
  • Rob Tyser

SoTL Defined

SoTL starts with faculty questions about student learning. Instructors explore those questions through systematic, disciplined inquiry, and then report their findings for peer review.

  • SoTL starts with questions of student learning.
  • SoTL requires systematic, disciplined inquiry.
  • SoTL results in products that can be shared with others.









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