The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

"Scholarly teaching is what every one of us should be engaged in every day that we are in a classroom, in our office with students, tutoring, lecturing, conducting discussions, all the roles we play pedagogically. ... But it is only when we step back and reflect systematically on the teaching we have done, in a form that can be publicly reviewed and built upon by our peers, that we have moved from scholarly teaching to the scholarship of teaching."

Lee Shulman, President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Faculty and staff at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse are actively investigating student learning and how to improve teaching effectiveness. Through systematic, scholarly inquiry into student learning, teachers are building pedagogical knowledge, sharing their work in a peer review process, and going public with the results of their research. This website provides information in support of classroom inquiry and an overview of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning activities at UW-L.

Lesson Study as SoTL


Please visit this page for recommended readings and videos as well as an online tutorial on doing classroom inquiry.

Lesson study is a form of classroom inquiry in which several teachers collaboratively plan, teach, observe, revise and share the results of a single class lesson. Lesson study is a form of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning—the final products are suitable for professional presentations and publication. Lesson study integrates teaching and research, theory and practice. Read more about the Lesson Study Project.

More Information

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